Data Error. Access Denied. Unable to Use Geographic File.

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

What causes the following error messages:

Data Error. Access Denied. Unable to Use Geographic File. Error Reading .PRJ File?

It is possible that the .prj file has become corrupted. Try opening the .agf file on its own. If the files open, save them to a new project file.

If you still get the error, it is an indication that your geo file (.agf) has become corrupt.

Atlas GIS comes with a utility called GEOFIX, which is installed with the Atlas program files. GEOFIX scans Atlas Geographic files and repairs a variety of errors.

To use the GEOFIX utility, follow these steps:

1. Close files in Atlas.

2. Go to Start | Programs | MSDOS Command Prompt, and change to the AtlasGIS directory. C:\AtlasGIS

3. Enter GEOFIX and then the path to your corrupted geo file, such as:

GEOFIX C:\path\to\your\filename.agf
GEOFIX c:\atlasgis\data\state.agf

4. When GEOFIX has completed processing, open the geo file by itself in Atlas GIS.

5. After Atlas GIS rebuilds the indexes for that file, close the file.

6. Open the project file which contains the geo file.

If GEOFIX failed to correct the problem, you can try deleting the index files in Windows Explorer for that geo file:

1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the directory where the corrupted geo file resides.

2. Select only the following files
to delete:


Do NOT delete the .aif OR .agf files.

3. Open the geo file in Atlas. If the error still occurs, you will have to rely on backup data due to the corruption.
GEOFIX is an unsupported utility and is not guaranteed to fix corrupted files.

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