Custom TrueType fonts do not display properly in exports

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Custom TrueType fonts in an ArcMap layout do not display properly when exported, even though the 'Embed All Document Fonts' checkbox is checked. The custom fonts display as garbage characters, or not at all.


Fonts authored with Macromedia Fontographer have an invalid or undefined value in the fsType field that determines if a font can be embedded. This invalid value is not understood by ArcMap, so the font is not embedded.

Solution or Workaround

Modify the fonts to include correct values in the fsType field. Microsoft Font Properties Editor is needed to modify the values and can be downloaded from the link in the Related Information section below.

  1. Use Macromedia Fontographer to insert a placeholder value in the fsType field.

    A. Select the Element > Font Info > OS/2 Data dialog box and set the fsType embedding field as follows:

    $0004 Read / Write

    B. Generate the font as before.
  2. Start Microsoft Font Properties Editor.
  3. Select the custom font file to be edited.
  4. Click Next, accepting defaults, until the 'Embedding' setting is reached.
  5. Select any Font embedding level value, except 'Restricted (No Embedding)'.

    Reference the Microsoft Typography site listed in the Related Information section for a description on the Font embedding levels.

  6. Click the Save As button, and Save the edited font file. The font can now be embedded into an ArcMap export.

    The font may need to be reinserted into any existing layouts in order to be properly embedded.

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