Custom Roads FGDB Mapping Layers Deprecation

Last Published: September 12, 2023


The vector mapping layers in ArcGIS StreetMap Premium Custom Roads used for map visualization are being deprecated. Note that the network layer remains unchanged. Vector tile packages have replaced the original FGDB mapping layers for map visualization in mobile map packages. With the vector tile packages available, the FGDB mapping layers have become redundant. Vector tile packages started shipping with Custom Roads in Q3 2020.

About mobile map packages. Mobile map packages (MMPKs) support the following functionality for use in Runtime applications and ArcGIS Pro:

  • Routing
  • Geocoding
  • Map visualization
How do mobile map packages relate to Custom Roads? 
Custom Roads is designed to allow a customer to update the network with their own private roads or additional features such as alleyways that aren’t part of the commercial dataset.  These additional roads are merged with the commercial dataset to create an updated network.  Once the network is updated, the customer creates mobile map packages in ArcGIS Pro using the network, provided locators, and vector tile packages. 

Why remove the vector mapping layers now?
  • Vector tile packages provide a much richer experience.
  • Vector tile packages perform much better.
  • The FGDB mapping layers are redundant.
  • The size of a very large deliverable is reduced somewhat.
  • Internally, the development team can refocus on other projects.

When will the FGDB mapping layers be removed? It depends on the region:
RegionLast Release with FGDB Mapping Layers First Release without FGDB Mapping Layers Estimated Date 
North America2022 R22022 R3October 2022
Europe2022 R12022 R2November 2022
Middle East/Africa2021 R12022 R1February 2023
Asia Pacific2022 R12023 R1August 2023
Latin America2022 R12023 R1September 2023


Customers are urged to upgrade to a higher version of Runtime, Navigator, or ArcGIS Pro if not already on the supported versions.
  • New customers are required to be on more recent software versions.
  • Existing customers can continue using the FGDB mapping layers from the last release as long as they have a valid Custom Roads license.  These layers will not be updated.

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