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Why is some credit usage reported under an organization's name instead of a member?

Last Published: April 19, 2022


ArcGIS Online provides organization administrators with different tools, including Status Dashboard and Reports to monitor and manage credit consumption in their organization. These tools also enable admins to check each member's credit usage. However, when checking the credit reports, the admin may notice that a portion of credit consumption is listed under organization name instead of a specific user, as seen in the next image.


As is mentioned in ArcGIS Online documentation, "Any credits that users consume by accessing premium content within the app will be charged to your organization."

Credit usage through an app with the subscriber/premium content proxy set up to allow public/unauthenticated users to access subscriber or premium content on behalf of the organization (for instance the geocoding service or geoenrichment) will be listed under organization's name instead of a specific username in credit consumption report.


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