Creating a multiversion view fails with 'Table is not multiversion'

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Creating a multiversion view returns the following error:

"Error: Table is not multiversion, but must be for this operation (-178).".
C:\>sdetable -o create_mv_view -T parcels_view -t parcels -i 5151 -u sde -p sde

ArcSDE 9.2  for Oracle10g Build 449 Wed Jan 16 12:20:02  2008
Attribute        Administration Utility
        Error: Table is not multiversion, but must be for this operation (-178).

        Error: Unable to create MV view parcels_view for table parcels.


Multiversion views require the underlying table or layer to first be registered as versioned. If the table or layer is not registered as versioned, the above error is returned.

Solution or Workaround

Register a table or layer as versioned in ArcGIS by using ArcCatalog:

  • Select the data source, right-click to open the context menu, and select the Register As Versioned command.

Article ID:000009834

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