Create your own metadata editor

Last Published: April 25, 2020


You can, programatically, create an editor that lets you add custom metadata information appropriate for your organization.

You may also consider a custom editor as an easy-to use dialog box that is targeted to a specific group of people who need to enter a small amount of information.


The ArcObjects Developer Kit provides samples that show how to build a custom metadata editor.

For a list of available samples, as well as descriptions and instructions for using them, do the following:

A. Click Start > Programs > ArcGIS > ArcObjects Developer Help.
B. Switch to the Contents tab.
C. Double-click Samples.
D. Double-click Metadata.

More recent samples may be available for download over the Internet. Click the Welcome topic at the top of the Contents tab, and scroll to the bottom of the topic. Click the link to ArcObjects Online.

[O-Image] ArcObjects Developer Kit metadata samples
Some samples are installed on your machine in the %ARCHOME%\ArcObjects Developer Kit\Samples directory. You may download others from ArcObjects online.

These samples are intended to show how to build a Visual Basic (VB) class that implements the IMetadataEditor interface. Most of the work in creating an editor lies in implementing standard VB forms. These samples are not intended to provide a foundation for creating your own version of a full metadata editor.

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