Create multiple field-based hyperlinks within a feature class

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Adding multiple hyperlinks within a single record of an attribute table may be done using field-based hyperlinks. Hyperlinks other than the ones mapped using the 'Support Hyperlinks using field' option within Layer Properties > Display are accessible through the Hyperlink tool, but can also be accessed through the Identify tool window.


Instructions provided describe how to create multiple field-based hyperlinks within a feature class.

  1. In the layer attribute table Options menu, use Add Field to create the necessary fields to contain the various hyperlinks to store records.
[O-Image] addfield
  1. Insert the complete URL or path name to the location of the document being linked to, and click Save.
  2. Select the feature using the Identify tool. Within the Identify tool dialog box, click the link's path and the link will open in another window.

    The fields that contain valid hyperlinks are highlighted with the yellow 'lightning bolt' symbol indicating that they are active hyperlinks.
[O-Image] Identify Hyperlink bolt

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