Create hotlinks in ArcIMS

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Steps to build a hotlink function into an ArcIMS application.


One of these suggestions will help you to create hotlinks.

  • If you are using the HTML viewer, start on page 20 of the "Customizing ArcIMS HTML viewer" manual. The ArcIMS software ships with a sample HTML viewer Web site called Hyperlink, which shows how to incorporate hotlinking functionality into your application.

    If you did not install the extra manuals in PDF format during your installation of ArcIMS, then you can access those manuals in the "Documentation" directory of your installation CD. The PDF file name for the HTML Viewer manual is "CustomizingHTMLViewer.pdf".
  • Refer to the information on page 28 of the Customizing ArcIMS Java Viewer manual.
  • Build a ColdFusion or ASP application, in the middle, to connect to the ColdFusion or ActiveX Connectors. This application can intercept client requests or responses back from the server and process them. You can send a response back to the Web browser to point it to a new location, depending on the feature on the map the user originally clicked.

    Technical assistance in the modification of these viewers and connectors for this type of advanced developer work is available from ESRI's Developer Support Group for an additional annual or Pay-Per-Call fee.

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