Create colors in ArcView using CMYK and HSV values with an extension.

Last Published: April 25, 2020


ArcView stores all color information as RGB color values. Colors, which are equivalent to CMYK or HSV colors, can be created by applying a mathematical conversion. The following instructions provide information on downloading, loading and using the 'HSV, RGB or CMYK Color Creation' sample extension. This extension creates an RGB color based on CMYK and HSV values you input. The new color is added to the color palette.


  1. Point your Web browser to Esri's ArcScripts page. See the Related Information section below.
  2. Search on the keyword 'color'.
  3. Look for and click the 'HSV, RGB or CMYK Color Creation' link.
  4. Download and install the extension.

    A. Download the file to a folder.
    B. Unzip the file, if necessary.
    C. Save the AVX file to the ..\esri\av_gis30\arcview\ext32 directory.

  5. Select Extensions from the File menu, check 'HSV, CMYK or RGB Color Picker', and click OK.

    A button is added to the Project button bar.

  6. Click the 'new' button to initialize the 'HSV, RGB or CMYK Color Creation' dialog box.
  7. Enter the values of desired color.
  8. Click the 'Add to Color Palatte' button.

    The new color is added to the bottom of the Palette.

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