Create an ArcView Shortcut on the Windows Desktop and set a Start In directory.

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The Start In Property defines the default directory used by the first File Brower dialog initiated in an ArcView session.


You can drag the shortcut onto your desktop by navigating through the Windows or NT Explorer to ESRI\AV_GIS30\ArcView\Bin32. The shortcut should be in the folder, but if not, highlight the ArcView.exe file and right click to Create Shortcut.

Once you have a shortcut to ArcView, the Shortcut Start In should be modified to point to your working directory. This shortcut property tells ArcView where to look when you first use any of the browser windows such as Open Project or Add Theme in an ArcView session.

Note: A working directory on the hard drive will prevent future problems of finding 'lost' data when last saved. Avoid saving work in the c:\Temp or c:\Windows\Temp directories. The Temp folder tends to fill up with junk files from other programs.

1. Using Windows (NT) Explorer, navigate to ...ESRI\AV_gis30\ArcView\Bin32.
2. Right click on arcview.exe.
3. Select "Create Shortcut".
4. Drag the new "Shortcut to arcview.exe" icon to the desktop.
5. Right click on the shortcut and choose Properties.
6. On the Shortcut to arcview.exe Properties dialog, switch to the Shortcut tab.
7. Enter the desired path in the "Start In:" text box.
8. Click OK.

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