Create a white background box using ArcPlot or ArcTools

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided explain how to create a white background using ArcPlot or ArcTools. When creating a map with ArcPlot or ArcTools, it is sometimes necessary to use a box fill that is white.


In ArcPlot or in an AML, use the following commands to draw a white box, which will print white in the final product:

shadedelete all
shadeset color.shd
shadesymbol 1
shadecolor white
patch <* | xmin ymin xmax ymax>

Using ArcTools, the same effect can be achieved with the following steps:
Go to Map > Properties and change shadeset to color.shd.

Draw the shaded box in the desired location, selecting shadesymbol 16 and shadecolor white.

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