Create a relate and query a related item in Edit Tools

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provide the steps necessary to create a relate and perform an attribute query on a related item using Edit Tools.


The following example documents the creation of a relate between an arc coverage called ROADS and a stand alone INFO table called ROADS.LUT. The relate is based on the numeric item ROADS-ID that exists in both tables. The attribute query is performed on an item called VALUE that exists in the related table ROADS.LUT.

  1. Start ArcInfo Workstation and start Edit Tools.

    Usage: arctools {MAP | EDIT | GRID | COMMAND | LAND_RECORDS}
    Arc: arctools edit

  2. Click File > Open and choose to display the ARC feature class from the ROADS coverage.
  3. Choose ArcTools > Manage > Relates.
  4. Click the 'Add INFO' button.
  5. Enter the following parameters:

    Relate Name: ROADREL
    From Item: ROADS-ID
    To Table: ROADS.LUT
    To Item: ROADS-ID
    Relate Type: LINEAR
    Access: READ-ONLY

    Some options require right-clicking the available text box and browsing for the proper selection.

  6. Click OK in the Add INFO Relate and Relate Environment dialog boxes
  7. Click Table Manager on the Edit Arcs & Nodes menu.
  8. Click Relate.
  9. Highlight the VALUE item and click Apply. This will add the ROADREL//VALUE item to the list of available items to the query.
  10. Click Dismiss on the Relate Browser dialog box. Click OK on the dialog box listing the available items.
  11. Click Edit > Attribute Selection.
  12. In the Logical Selection menu, build a selection expression using the related item, such as 'ROADREL//VALUE = 3', and click Apply Expression to execute the query. The features with related values matching this query are selected.

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