Create a cone shapefile

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to create a cone shapefile.


  1. Create a polygon shapefile within ArcCatalog that contains z-values.
  2. Add the shapefile to ArcMap and start an edit session.
  3. Add the 'Advanced Editing' toolbar by clicking on View > Toolbars.
  4. Use the Circle tool on this toolbar to draw a circle polygon feature.
  5. Turn on snapping for the polygon shapefile.
  6. Select the circle polygon and change the task on the Editor toolbar to 'Cut Polygon Feature'.
  7. Click the Sketch tool and digitize a line across the center of the circle polygon, cutting the feature into two halves.
    [O-Image] cut
  8. Change the task on the Editor toolbar to 'Modify Feature'.
  9. Select one of the halves and insert a vertex in the middle of the straight line by right-clicking on the line > Insert Vertex.
    [O-Image] insert
  10. Click the 'Sketch Properties' icon on the Editor toolbar and edit the z-value of the vertex.
    [O-Image] z
  11. Click the other half and perform the same steps, inserting a vertex at the same location as the other.
    Move the mouse pointer over the half where the vertex was inserted and click 'V' on the keyboard to see the position of the first vertex.
  12. Stop and Save your edits. When the shapefile is added to ArcScene or ArcGlobe, it displays as a 3-dimensional cone.
    [O-Image] scene

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