Create a composite address locator

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to create a composite address locator. In some cases, more than one locator may need to be used to geocode an address. The most common scenario is the geocoding of addresses at the street level, and if any addresses are not matched, geocoding them at the zip code level. Another scenario is when a locator is present for each of two adjacent countries, and geocoding addresses from both countries at the same time is required.

Both of these tasks can be accomplished using a composite address locator. Composite address locators allow aggregation of multiple locators into a single locator. The directions for creating a composite address locator are provided in the ArcGIS Desktop Help. This help topic provides conceptual information on the composite address locator, as well as, the directions for building a composite address locator.

Composite address locators are only available in ArcGIS Desktop 9.0 and later versions.


The following procedure describes how to open the ArcGIS Desktop Help topic on composite address locators:

  1. On the Contents tab of the ArcGIS Desktop Help, click to expand the Geocoding and address management book.
  2. Click to expand the Additional geocoding techniques book.
  3. Click the Building a composite address locator topic.

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  • ArcGIS Server

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