Could not create topology. Invalid layer configuration keyword

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

While creating a Topology within an SDE geodatabase, clicking Finish in the Build Topology Wizard may produce the following error message:

"Could not create topology.
Invalid layer configuration keyword[<database.><user>.T_###_DirtyAreas]"

Where the database is the current database on supported DBMSs, the user is the connected user creating the Topology and ### is the geodatabase supplied index of the Topology.


There are two possible causes: there is no TOPOLOGY_DEFAULTS keyword in the SDE dbtune file, or the keyword specified for the Topology has not been configured properly in the SDE DBTUNE file.

Solution or Workaround

Topology configuration keywords are composite keywords that contain two sections, with each section containing the storage parameters for tables that represent the topology. The size variation of the tables in which the topology information is stored requires a configuration keyword that allows for storage of both small and large tables. For example, if the keyword is called MYTOPOLOGY, the two sections that comprise the Topology configuration keywords are:

If the TOPOLOGY_DEFAULTS keyword is missing from the DBTUNE file, get the proper specifications for this keyword from the chaper in the ArcSDE Configuration and Tuning Guide entitled "Configuring DBTUNE storage parameters".

Confirm that two sections are present in the Topology keyword. If either section is missing, it must be added to the Topology keyword. If the sections are present, ensure that the parameters of each section have been specified correctly by comparing the keyword with the TOPOLOGY_DEFAULTS keyword.

Even if the two sections of the composite keyword specify identical storage parameters, they both must be listed in the SDE DBTUNE file.

For additional information on SDE configuration keywords, refer to the chapter in the ArcSDE Configuration and Tuning Guide entitled "Configuring DBTUNE storage parameters".

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