Copy or move a map library to another disk location

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to move a library (a .../DATABASE directory and all its tile directories) to another disk location.

To move a map library to another disk location do the following:

1. Update the INFO item LOCATION on the $ARCHOME/tables LIBRARIES file. Enter the pathname to the new location of the library's .../DATABASE directory.

2. Use the UNIX command cp -r to recursively copy the ../DATABASE directory and the tile directories to their new disk location. Use the UNIX 'mv' command to rename the original .../DATABASE directory and the original tile directories.

3. Update the INFO item LOCATION on the new .../DATABASE INDEX.PAT file.
Enter each tile's new pathname. The INFO CONCATENATE command is recommended for doing this.

4. Re-establish the spatial index on the polygon features for the new .../DATABASE INDEX coverage by running the ARC INDEX command with the polygon option.

5. Display the layers in ARCPLOT. Once, satisfied, it is possible to access the library data, delete the original .../DATABASE and tile directories.

6. Update the .../DATABASE/ACCESS directory files if moving the library to a site using different login IDs. Update the INFO files LIBRARY.ACCESS to give the administrator, manager, browser or other access to the new login IDs and to remove access for login IDs not active at the new site. Optionally, updating the LAYER.ACCESS AND LIBRARY.ID files may be desired.

To create a copy of an existing library, add a record to the $ARCHOME/tables LIBRARIEA file for the new library and follow the above steps. Do not delete the original library DATABASE directory and tile directories.

$ARCHOME/tables and .../DATABASE/ACCESS are INFO directories with user name ARC. To access an info file in either directory, use this procedure:

Unix: cd $ARCHOME/tables
Unix: $ARCHOME/programs/info

Depending on how the system is set up, it may be possible to enter "info" instead of "$ARCHOME/programs/info". If neither works, use the UNIX setenv command to set the system variable ARCHOME.

Alternatively, use LIBRARIAN RESTORELIBRARY command to update the $ARCHOME/tables LIBRARIES file when loading a new map library.

When moving a map library from a UNIX platform to an NT platform, this method works well. Use the UNIX tar command individually on all the tile and the .../DATABASE directories. Use the UNIX compress command to compress the tar files. FTP with the binary option the resulting compressed tar files to the NT platform, and use the WINZIP utility on the NT platform to uncompress compressed tar files and extract the workspaces.

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