Coordinates out of bounds when adding a raster to a 9.x raster catalog

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

An error similar to the following may occur:

Executing (RasterToGeodatabase_2): RasterToGeodatabase
C:\TestRaster.mdb\Dot85_03 # C:\TestRaster.mdb\Dot85_03
Start Time: Tue Jun 01 08:49:44 2004
Running script RasterToGeodatabase...
Failed to convert \S-huey\Mapping\Raster\Aerials\GEOTIFF\F08.tif.
("esri.Line") The coordinates or measures are out of bounds.
Failed to execute (CopyRaster).


This is caused by setting or defaulting an improper XY Domain for the Geometry's Spatial Reference when creating the Raster Catalog.

Solution or Workaround

Recreate the Raster Catalog with the proper XY Domain of all of the rasters in the defined Spatial Reference.

This can be found on the X/Y Domain tab of the Spatial Reference Properties menu for the 'Coordinate system for the geometry column (optional)' parameter.

    Article ID:000007030

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