Control the fonts and colors HyperHelp uses

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Under some window managers, the background to HyperHelp may appear dark blue which makes the black text of ArcDoc difficult to read. This document details how to control the fonts and colors used by HyperHelp.


Control of the fonts and colors of HyperHelp is performed through the use of X resources. To change the fonts and colors of HyperHelp, issue the following commands while logged in as a regular user.

  1. Code:
    % cd ~

  2. Code:
    % cp $HHHOME/app-defaults/app-defaults HyperHelp

  3. Edit your .cshrc file and add the following line:


  4. Source this user's .cshrc file:

    % source ~/.cshrc

  5. Restart HyperHelp
  6. The fonts and colors of HyperHelp will have changed. If the above actions don't change the fonts or colors to your liking, then modification of the appropriate lines of the $HOME/HyperHelp file will be needed.
  7. If, for example, you wanted to set the background color for pop-up definition windows to red, you would edit the 10th line of the $HOME/HyperHelp file which currently reads:

    HyperHelp*Definition*Background: white

    To read:

    HyperHelp*Definition*Background: red

  8. Once changes to this file have been made, HyperHelp needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.
  9. For a listing of fonts on your system, type either:

    /usr/openwin/bin/xlsfonts | more


    /bin/X11/xlsfonts | more

    For a listing of valid color names, type:

    more /usr/openwin/lib/X11/rgb.txt


    more /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt

  10. For systems running CDE (Common Desktop Environment):

    From the CDE panel, start the Style Manager > Choose Color > Modify. This window lists the RGB values of a given color. You can display any color by changing the slider controls. This may be helpful in indentifying what the colors represented by the names listed in the rgb.txt file look like. The "Grab Color" button in this window will also help identify the exact RGB value of a color in another application or window.

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