Consistency Check Failed

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

What causes the message Consistency Check Failed?


There are two possible reasons for this error:

- There have been many edits made to the .agf (GEO) file and the index files need to be cleaned.

- The data is lost and GEOFIX needs to be performed.


- Periodically perform a File | Compress in the Atlas application. This command
permanently writes all edits and removes deleted features and rows from geo files and tables on the hard drive, and rebuilds all indexes.

- To use GEOFIX, open a Command Prompt navigate to the atlasgis, then run the GEOFIX command with the pathname of the file you want to fix. For Example:

c:\cd atlasgis
c:\geofix c:\atlasgis\tutorial\us_city.agf

Note: This is only for .agf (GEO) files. It will not work with .dbf (Tables) files. GEOFIX is an unsupported utility and is not guaranteed to fix corrupted geo files.

If the above does not work, use Explorer, to navigate to location of the geo file, and manually remove the index files:


If the problem still exists, you may need to use a backup copy of your data.

For more information, see section 4-5 in Reference Manual.

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