Connect to a License Manager for ArcGIS Desktop 10x via ArcGIS Administrator

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to connect to a license manager for ArcGIS Desktop 10x via the ArcGIS Administrator.

The ArcGIS Administrator allows a concurrent use work environment to be defined. This document only provides information regarding ArcGIS Desktop 10x Concurrent Use Licenses.

The Concurrent Use (or Floating) License Manager allows a group of users to share available license seats on a network. The licenses are managed by a server which limits the number of concurrent users to the number of license seats defined in the license file. This system consists of a license manager application that can be installed on a local workstation,or installed on a server that is accessible to workstations on the network. In order to connect to a license manager, it must be defined within ArcGIS Administrator.


If there are any Windows firewalls enabled, please disable. However if the secure work environment requires enabling Windows firewalls, please read the following documentation:
Configure the ArcGIS License Manager to work through a firewall

Set the License Manager following installation of ArcGIS Desktop 10

  1. After the installation of ArcGIS Desktop 10, select the required Concurrent Use product in the ArcGIS Administrator Wizard.
  2. Choose the Define a License Manager now radio button.
  3. Type or click the Browse button to specify the name or IP address of the license manager.
  4. Once the license manager has been set, click OK to close the ArcGIS Administrator Wizard.
    Applications can now be run using this license manager.

Define the License Manager at a later time after installation

  1. Launch the ArcGIS Administrator and select the Desktop folder.
  2. Select the concurrent use product.
  3. Click Change, enter the name of the license manager, and click OK. The name of the license manager is the host name of the machine where the license manager is installed.
  4. Click OK in the Change License Manager dialog box.
  5. Click Apply to set the changes without closing the ArcGIS Administrator, or click OK to apply changes and close the ArcGIS Administrator.

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