Connect and configure the GTCO Ultima II digitizer tablet

Last Published: April 25, 2020


This article describes how to connect the GTCO Ultima II digitizer tablet to run under the Windows environment.


  1. Connect the digitizer tablet following the instructions in the "Ultima II
    digitizer: User's Manual and Software Guide".
  2. Turn on the tablet and start your computer. If the power light on the
    tablet blinks, use the puck to click the Config/Exit box.
  3. Be sure to double-check the data banks (dip switches) configuration on your tablet. The data banks are the numbers 1-18 across the top of the digitizer. They should be set like this:

    Bank A -- 110001111101011101
    Bank B -- 001100000100000001

    where, 1 = power light ON and 0 = power light OFF.

    To do this, use the puck to click the Config area of the menu strip on the
    tablet and click Bank A. Click bank numbers to turn the lights ON or
    OFF. Once Bank A is set, click the Config button to set the switches. Repeat for Bank B.
  4. Install the CalComp WinTab (yes, the CalComp WinTab).
  5. Configure the mouse buttons. You can select the configuration you like.
    Here is an example:

    Button 0 -- Left mouse click
    Button 3 -- Left double-click
    Button 1 -- Middle double-click
    Button 2 -- Right mouse click
  6. Minimize the Tablet Control Panel.

    If the Tablet Control Panel is missing from the system tray, the next time you reboot the computer, restart the Tablet Control Panel and minimize it. The Tablet Control Panel should now appear in the system tray.

  7. Start ArcView GIS 3.x.
  8. Load the Digitizer extension.

    Do not attempt to install the tablet/driver under Windows 3.x; it is
    not supported by Windows 3.x (see the online help for "digitizers -->
    Supported digitizers").

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