Compressed FileGDB data does not display in Globe on a Linux/Solaris platform

Last Published: April 25, 2020


On Linux and Solaris platforms while using a Globe sample, if a 3DD document with compressed FileGDB data is opened, a segmentation fault is received and the sample disappears.

This issue has been fixed in ArcGIS products 9.3.1 and above


The default thread stack size is not sufficient for displaying compressed FileGDB data in Globe.


The following are the workarounds in recommended order:

  • Set the environment variable 'MWTHREAD_STACK' to a value of '1FFFFF' manually.
  • Source init_java.csh/sh instead of init_engine.csh/sh, making sure the JAVA_HOME environment variable is correctly pointing at a JDK.

    There is also a potential problem with using the init_java.csh/sh file. If init_java is sourced and there is no JAVA_HOME set to a JDK, the shell exits. This is due to 'exit 1' being used instead of 'return 1' in the script.

  • Do not use a compressed FileGDB.

    This issue has been fixed in ArcGIS 9.3.1 and above.

Article ID:000010326

  • ArcGIS Server

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