ColdFusion doesn't support non-alphanumeric characters

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Older versions of ColdFusion MX removed all non-alphanumeric characters.


Prior to Updater 3, non-alphanumeric characters were not allowed in ColdFusion Component names, method names, or argument names. If a Web service parameter name contained any characters other than alphanumeric ones, such as the underscore in state_prov, ColdFusion omitted the special character from the name. This happens because older versions of ColdFusion MX use an Axis beta release that does not properly handle special characters in WSDL names.

Solution or Workaround

Install ColdFusion MX Updater Release 3 to resolve this issue. Updater 3 uses Axis 1.0 for Web services, which properly supports all non-alphanumeric characters, including underscores.

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