CLEAN returns: mismatch of BORDER SEGMENTS (NODPOL)

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

What causes CLEAN to return the following message?

Fatal Error


The message is most likely caused by one of the following:

1) There is a corrupted MSK or MSK.ADF file in the coverage directory. You should delete the MSK or MSK.ADF file from the coverage folder and rerun CLEAN or any other command giving this error (e.g., MAPJOIN, UNION, IDENTITY, etc.).

2) The specified (or default) fuzzy tolerance is inappropriate for the number and density of coverage features. You should increase the fuzzy tolerance by 1-1/2 times or decrease it by 1/4 times. You should experiment with different fuzzy tolerance values until the error no longer occurs. The ARC DESCRIBE command can be used to make sure the precision of the coverage has not changed from double to single precision inadvertently. Small fuzzy tolerances that work well with double precision coverages will be inappropriate for a single precision coverage.

3) One or more polygon feature is labeled incorrectly. You may have move a polygon's label either too near its polygon's boundary or totally outside its polygon. This will cause the polygon topology to be incorrect. A label point that is within the fuzzy tolerance of a arc may "creep" outside the polygon during the topology building processing. You should go into ARCEDIT and fix the label positional errors, then re-issue the ARC CLEAN command with an appropriate fuzzy tolerance. You can use the ARC NEAR command to determine how near label points are to their arcs.

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