Checkschema looks for obsolete indexes on ADDs and DELETEs tables

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Checkschema may report that some indexes are missing, producing this output for one of its tests.


. . .

TEST FAILED >>>> ArcSDE for Oracle Compressed Binary format complete
-- Test Category: Index Analysis
-- Test Description: Check whether indexes on ArcSDE for Oracle
compressed binary layer have correct indexes. Also checks indexes
on ADDs and DELETE tables.
-- Result Details:
Error: Missing index An_STATE_IX2

Error: Missing index Dn_IDX2
(The previous errors were for layer OWNER.TABLE.COLUMN (layer ID#))

. . .


This checkschema test checks for the existence of indexes and other components of an ArcSDE compressed binary feature class. Each versioned feature class, or layer, has a corresponding ADDs table and DELETEs table. Because some indexes are no longer created at ArcSDE 9.0 final, this test gived a false failure.

This is a known problem.

At ArcSDE 9.0 final, the these indexes were removed:

- ADDs table: Annn_STATE_IX2
- DELETEs table: Dnnn_IDX2


If the test 'ArcSDE for Oracle Compressed Binary format complete' fails, check the output text. If the errors shown in the description occur for one or more feature classes, they can be safely ignored.

Other errors should be the subject of closer examination.

This test only runs on ArcSDE for Oracle servers.

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