Change map units for a 3D profile graph

Last Published: April 25, 2020


By default, the 3D profile graph uses the same linear units of measurement as the data frame's coordinate system. The z-units for the graph are derived from the elevation layer.

Instructions provided describe the methods for changing the units of measurement used in the 3D profile graph:


  • To change the y-axis values for the 3D profile graph, the z-units of value must be changed in the elevation dataset. Use Raster Calculator or the Times tools in Spatial Analyst to convert the raster cell values.
  • To change the x-axis values for the profile graph, go into the map document Data Frame Properties dialog, Coordinate System tab.

    a) Highlight the Data Frame Coordinate System and then click Modify.

    In version 10.1 and newer, right-click the highlighted coordinate system then click 'Copy and Modify'.

    b) Change the linear unit of the data frame projection to the preferred unit of measurement. The Modify option is not permanent and just affects the data frame coordinate system units. This does not alter the coordinate system of the source data in the data frame.

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