Change font and size of geodatabase annotation

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe the steps to change the size and font of selected geodatabase annotation using ArcMap.


ArcGIS - ArcInfo, ArcEditor, and ArcView versions 8.0.1 to 9.2

1. Select the desired annotation.

Instructions provided describe steps for simultaneous selection of a large group of annotation and individually adding annotation features to a selected set.


  1. Add an annotation feature class to ArcMap by clicking the Add Data button.
  2. Click the Select Graphics button on the Drawing toolbar.
  3. Hold down the left mouse button and use the cursor to drag a box around the desired group of annotation.
  4. Annotation can be added to a selected set by holding down the Shift key and selecting them with the left mouse button.

2. Click Toolbars > Editor on the View menu.

3. Click Editor > Start Editing on the Editor toolbar.

4. Choose the desired size or font for the selected annotation on the Draw toolbar.
If needed add this toolbar from the View menu, click Toolbars > Draw.

[O-Image] ArcMap Draw toolbar
5. Click Editor > Save Edits.

ArcGIS - ArcInfo and ArcEditor 9.x

The following procedure does not apply to ArcView license with feature linked annotation.

1. Open the attribute table of the annotation feature class.

2. Right-click the FontSize field > Field Calculator.

3. Enter the new size and click OK. This can be done with selected annotation or all of the annotation in the annotation feature class.

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    • ArcMap 8 x
    • ArcMap 9 x

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