Change display size of coverage annotation in ArcMap

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Coverage annotation with a $SIZE pseudoitem setting of 0 will allow dynamic size adjustments in ArcMap.


  1. Make sure the annotation has a $SIZE of 0. Right-click the annotation layer in the ArcMap TOC and click Open Attribute Table. Note the $SIZE values.
  2. If $SIZE is not 0 for the desired annotation, you must change the pseudoitem value in ARCEDIT. For example:

    Arc: ARCEDIT
    Arcedit: EDIT <covername> ANNO.<subclass>
    Arcedit: SELECT <appropriate select statement>
    Arcedit: CALC $SIZE = 0
    Arcedit: SAVE
    Arcedit: QUIT

  3. Right click the annotation layer in ArcMap and click Properties. Click the Symbols tab.
    [O-Image] ArcMap Annotation properties dialog box > symbols
  4. Click a symbol number in the Symbol number list.
  5. Change the Size field to the desired point size.

    Annotation with multiple symbol numbers will appear in the Symbol number list. To change the size for just one symbol, click the Text Symbol button and change the size in the Symbol Selector dialog box > Options section.

Article ID:000002512

  • ArcMap 8 x

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