Cannot zoom, pan or perform spatial queries on Oracle 8i Spatial feature classes loaded with ArcGIS

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Unable to zoom, pan, or perform spatial queries on Oracle 8i Spatial feature classes with measures or Z values, such as those having more than two dimensions, loaded with ArcGIS.


When ArcGIS loads a shapefile into a feature class on an ArcSDE for Oracle 8i server, it creates an R-tree Oracle Spatial index. The number of indexes dimensioned defaults to the number of dimensions in the shapefile, including Z and M.

R-tree spatial indexes do not work well when more than the X and Y dimensions are spatially indexed.

Solution or Workaround

Include the following DBTUNE parameter in the configuration keyword that loads the shapefile into the feature class.

SDO_INDEX_SHAPE "sdo_indx_dims=2"

SDO_INDEX_SHAPE can also contain other parameters used to create the spatial index. These parameters can be combined in the quoted list of parameter=value pairs. Please see the "ArcSDE Configuration and Tuning Guide for Oracle" for more information on using DBTUNE parameters to control feature class creation.

    Article ID:000005528

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