Cannot specify GeographicTransformations in the Project Raster tool

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When using the Project Raster tool, it isn't possible to specify GeographicTransformation (datum transformation).


The selection for GeographicTransformation is not provided in the interface.


There are two possible solutions. Select one of the options below:

  • Use ArcMap Export Data

    Perform an on-the-fly-projection in ArcMap, and save the result by exporting the raster layer.

    1. Add the raster to ArcMap.
    2. Open Data Frame > Properties and click the Coordinate System tab.
    3. Set the target coordinate system(projection).
    4. Click the Transformations button and set the GeographicTransformation.
    5. Click OK. The raster will be projected on-the-fly to the data frame's coordinate system.
    6. To save the result, right-click on the raster layer.
    7. Select Data > Export Data.
    8. In the Spatial Reference section, select Data Frame, which is the current option.
    9. Set the output cell size properly.
    10. Set the output name and format, and click Save.

    The resampling method used in the data export is the resampling method specified in display the raster layer, which can be specified through the display tab on the layer property page.

  • Use the Projecting Raster Datasets sample tool

    Perform a geographictransformation (datum transformation) when projecting raster data, using the ArcGIS Developer Online sample tool.

    1. Go to ArcGIS Developer Online.
    2. Click Samples > Raster > Raster Spatial Reference > Projecting Raster Datasets.
    3. Download the file and follow the sample instructions.

Article ID:000007535

  • ArcMap 9 x

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