Cannot find mtch.dll when starting client after installing ArcPress

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround

When I try to start ArcView for the first time on a client installation, I get
a DOS window with the message "cannot find mtch.dll". I am given the option of
aborting the application or continuing, but regardless of my choice, the DOS
window closes and ArcView does not start.


This error results from doing an administrative installation of ArcPress onto an Administrative installation of ArcView 3.2. This is because ArcPress replaces the setup.ins file in the AVSETUP directory with an older version which applied to ArcView3.0a. This file controls the client installation procedure.
The solution is to repeat the administrative installation of ArcView on the server after the administrative installation of ArcPress. Then you can run setup.exe on the client machines.


The older version of the setup.ins file from ArcPress also results in an ArcView 3.0a program group under the Start menu. While you still get ArcView 3.2 on the client machine, the main problem with the 3.0a program group is that it does not include any shortcuts for the new utilities in ArcView3.2, such as the Shapefile Projection Utility. The readme file for ArcView 3.1 and 3.2 cover this issue and suggest as a workaround that you re-copy the setup.ins file from the ArcView 3.1 or 3.2 cd back into the AVSETUP directory to replace the earlier version from ArcPress.

While this will fix both the mtch.dll error and result in an ArcView 3.2 program group on the client machines, there is a third problem resulting from the installation of ArcPress onto ArcView which is not covered by this workaround. The problem is that ArcPress alters the Help files for ArcView resulting in missing Help topics. One category of missing Help topics are the Avenue requests relating to Dynamic Segmentation. There may be other categories that get lost as well. The only way to recover them is to reinstall the Help files from the ArcView 3.2 installation CD after installing ArcPress. The most efficient way to deal with all three issues at once is to do a custom installation of ArcView 3.2 after installing ArcPress. In the install wizard, choose the Custom installation option instead of Typical, then check the boxes to reinstall the program files and the help files. Once this is completed, you can begin your client installations. If before doing this, you already ran setup.exe on any of your client machines, you should uninstall ArcView on those machines and run setup.exe again to update and correct their installations.

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