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Can the position of a True-Type Marker Symbol be controlled in ArcIMS?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Yes. Use the 'hotspot' attribute within the ArcXML element 'TRUETYPEMARKERSYMBOL' to position it. This is an optional way to position true-type font characters as point symbols in an ArcIMS map service layer.

The hotspot attribute is not documented in the ArcXML Programmer's Reference Guide under the TRUETYPEMARKERSYMBOL element, but it is used as described for the RASTERMARKERSYMBOL element.

Sample usage:

<LAYER type="featureclass" name="Cities" visible="true" id="Cities">
<DATASET name="cities" type="point" workspace="shp_ws-14" />
<TRUETYPEMARKERSYMBOL transparency="1.0" font="ESRI Cartography"
fontstyle="bolditalic" character="252" fontcolor="255,255,0" fontsize="30"
hotspot="20,20" anglefield="rotate" rotatemethod="geographic" />

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