Can't handle PREDICTION scheme

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

IMAGE command in ArcPlot returns this message:

Can't handle PREDICTION scheme.


The image's predictor tag is set to a value other than 1. ArcInfo Workstation supports TIFF version 5. The only scheme supported by TIFF version 5 is no prediction scheme (Predictor=1). You may have a TIFF version 6, which allows two prediction schemes: no prediction scheme (Predictor=1) and horizontal differencing (Predictor=2).

Solution or Workaround

  • Option 1: Open the TIFF file in a third-party graphics utility, such as Imaging for Windows (Start > Accessories), and save it as a new TIFF file.
  • Option 2: Use a third-party graphics utility to save the TIFF file to a different format.
  • Option 3: Contact the vendor from whom the image was acquired, and have the vendor reformat the image.

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