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Can privileges be revoked on the GDB_HISTORICALMARKERS table?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


It is common practice to limit the privileges granted on the ArcSDE repository tables and seek to remove SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE privileges on the repository tables.

However, the following privileges are required on the GDB_HISTORICALMARKERS repository table in order to perform certain operations. These privileges can be granted to individual users or to roles. For example, in Oracle, SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE are granted to the PUBLIC user, but many choose to revoke these privileges from PUBLIC and explicitly grant them to the users performing the archiving operations.

is required to Enable Archiving on a dataset and to perform the archive operation. The archive operation occurs when edits are saved or posted to the DEFAULT version for any feature class that has archiving enabled. On these operations, the GDB_HISTORICALMARKERS DEFAULT marker is updated with the current O/S time.

is required to view any historical marker, including the DEFAULT historical marker, using the Geodatabase History Viewer.

is required to create a new historical marker.

is required to delete an historical marker.

If these operations are not being performed, privileges to the GDB_HISTORICALMARKERS table can be revoked. For example, if a user is not allowed to create new historical markers, the INSERT privilege can be revoked.

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