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Can I use the ActiveX or ColdFusion Connectors to access an ArcIMS Metadata Service?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Access to a Metadata Service with the ActiveX and ColdFusion Connectors is possible, but only indirectly. Direct API access to an ArcIMS Metadata Service is only available through the Java or Servlet Connectors.

While it is possible to utilize the sendAXLRequest method of the ActiveX Connector or the <CF_ARCIMS ACTION="REQUEST"> custom tag of the ColdFusion Connector to send and receive the ArcXML elements required to effectively communicate with a Metadata Service, documents cannot be published to a service using these connectors.

Note that the ActiveX (ASP/VB) or ColdFusion application would need to include code that manually created the ArcXML requests and parsed the ArcXML responses since the functionality does not exist natively within the API of either connector. Further information on the syntax and use of these methods is available in the Customizing ArcIMS series of books on your ArcIMS CD-ROM.

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