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Can I use ArcView IMS services in ArcIMS?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Yes. If you are ready to migrate from ArcView IMS to ArcIMS, you have several options:

· You can continue to use your existing ArcView IMS sites but use the updated middleware. The ESRIMap Servlet Connector that comes with ArcIMS can be used with ArcView IMS. The servlet connector allows you to use more web servers such as Apache.

· You can serve a map in ArcView IMS and view the map in an ArcIMS Java Viewer.

· You can recreate your ArcView IMS site in ArcIMS.

If you choose to use ArcView IMS with ArcIMS, there are some constraints:

· Maps served in ArcView IMS will respond to requests as they always have. For each request, a map must be drawn in the ArcView GISView before being sent back to the client in JPEG or GIF format.

· Feature streaming is not supported.

· You cannot use the ArcIMS administration tools to administer ArcView IMS sites.

For further details on using ArcView IMS services in ArcIMS, refer to Appendix A of the "Using ArcIMS" book.

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