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Can I set a row-id column with the DATASET CREATELAYER?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Yes. The DATASET CREATELAYER has been modified in ArcInfo Workstation 8.2 to allow for setting a row-id column.

The default is SDESET, indicating the column is to be an SDE-maintained row-id.

When creating a layer from a dataset that contains a column named objectid, SDE uses that column as the row-id column by default.

Usage: DATASET CREATELAYER <dataset> <SDE_layer> <spatial_column> COVERAGE <cover> <feature_class> {spatial_idx_p
arams} {DBTUNE <keyword>} {anno_relate} {tin} {DEFINE} {<SDESET | USERSET> <column>}

Usage: DATASET CREATELAYER <dataset> <SDE_layer> <spatial_column> LAYER <defined_layer> {spatial_idx_params}{DBTUNE <keyword>} {anno_relate} {tin}
{DEFINE} {<SDESET | USERSET> <column>}

{<SDESET | USERSET> <column>} allows the user to control the column to be used for the object id.

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