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Can I change selection rendering of an ArcMap Service using AXL?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


No; Selection rendering, how a selection set appears on the map, for an ArcMap Service cannot be changed in an AXL request. Setting the selection rendering can only be done within the ArcMap document.

Although ArcMap allows setting selection rendering for all layers or for individual layers, ArcMap Server only supports selection rendering settings for individual layers. ArcMap Server can read properties of layers, but it cannot read the properties of a map document. Selection rendering set for all layers is a property of the map document and not available to ArcMap Server.

Therefore, unless the selection rendering is changed at the layer level, any selection made of an ArcMap Service, regardless of the setting for all layers, will be a cyan outline, the ArcMap default setting.

Article ID:000005644

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