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Can ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes be licensed using an existing ArcGIS Enterprise on Windows/Linux license?

Last Published: March 14, 2023


Many users have existing ArcGIS Enterprise on Windows/Linux licenses and would like to install ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes using the same license.

An Esri software license is required to access and use ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes. With ArcGIS Enterprise on Windows/Linux, Portal and ArcGIS Server are licensed separately. With ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes, there aren't separate portal and server components. Additionally, ArcGIS Server has a core-based licensing model while the number of cores utilized by ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes can change significantly.

The license required for ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes is on a subscription basis, which is separate from any licenses for ArcGIS Enterprise on Windows and Linux. Unlike Windows and Linux deployments, ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes does not require separate licenses for Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server. 

The license can also be obtained from My Esri.

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