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Can an address locator be created using City, State, and ZIP as zones?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Many of the provided address locator styles allow for one zone field.

Yes, an address locator can be created using City, State, and ZIP as zones and addresses can be geocoded using these zone fields.

The US Streets with a City, State, and ZIP address locator style are available in ArcGIS version 9.2 and higher.

However, if address locators need to be created using a City, State, and ZIP code as zones with ArcGIS 9.1, download the address styles applicable for version 9.1. Below are links to .zip files that contain several address locator style files that can be used to create address locators with City, State, and ZIP as zones:

ArcGIS Desktop version 9.1:

ArcGIS Desktop Locator Styles

ArcSDE version 9.1:

ArcSDE Locator Styles

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