Truncated filename shown in title bar of ArcMap, ArcScene, or ArcGlobe when document is opened by double-clicking


** This issue is addressed in ArcGIS 9.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) **

A truncated filename is shown in the title bar of ArcMap, ArcScene, or ArcGlobe when a map document, scene document, or globe document is opened by double-clicking the filename.

The title of the map document is truncated and shown in all capital letters. For example, the file CapitalCities.mxd is displayed as CAPITA~1.MXD in the title bar of the application.


This is a known issue.

The document title is improperly formatted according to DOS naming conventions. This causes the filename displayed to be truncated.


** This issue is addressed in ArcGIS 9.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Click on the link in Related Information below and download Service Pack 2, if necessary. **

If the Service Pack 2 is unavailable, this issue can be corrected by changing the Windows setting that controls how each ArcGIS application: ArcMap, ArcScene and ArcGlobe open their associated file type (.MXD, .SXD, .3DD). This change only needs to be made once per machine for each file type.

Close all ArcGIS applications before following the steps below.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the Tools menu > Folder Options.
  3. Select the File Types tab.
  4. Under 'Registered File Types', select the file extension to which the correction needs to be made. For example, select MXD for an ArcMap document, SXD for an ArcScene document, or 3DD for an ArcGlobe document.
  5. Click the Advanced button. If this button is not present, click the Restore button to make the Advanced button appear.
  6. Select Open from the Actions list.
  7. Click the Edit button.
  8. In the text field 'Application used to perform action', add quotation marks to the path for the application. For example, for ArcMap make the following change:

    C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\bin\ArcMap.exe "%1"

    "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\bin\ArcMap.exe" "%1"
  9. Click 'OK' to exit the Editing Option dialog.
  10. Click 'OK' to exit the Advanced dialog.
  11. Repeat Steps 4 through 10 for each ArcGIS document file extension.
  12. Click Close to exit the Folder Options dialog.

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