The ExportAixm51 function must be configured to support AirspaceActivation objects

Last Published: January 8, 2021


When using the ExportAixm51 function to export Airspace features with Airspace.Activity_Code populated, the resulting AIXM 5.1 XML file contains Airspace.Activation entries without gml:id fields. When validating the output AIXM 5.1 XML file, XML validators report this missing field.

The ExportAixm51 config files also export Airspace.Activity_Code into AirspaceActivation instead of from Timesheet.Activity_Code, which is related to the Airspace primary feature.

This issue was resolved in ArcGIS version 10.8.1.


ExportAixm51 config files currently do not set a required gml:id field for output AirspaceActivation objects.


Edit the 51ExportTemplate.xml file to add the gml:id attribute and the 51ExportRelationships.json file to source for the activity_code parameter from the time sheet.

  1. Navigate to the following directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\AviationCharting\Desktop10.7\DataExchange\AIXM\Exporter\51
  1. Edit the 51ExportTemplate.xml file, and search for the following code:




  1. Replace the code in Step 2 with the following code, and save the file.

      <aixm:AirspaceActivation removeIfOnlyAttributes="true" gml:id="asact_{timesheet.clientkey_id}">



  1. Edit the 51ExportRelationships.json file in the same directory as Step 1. Add the following lines, under the time sheet header and within the airspace section (line 476).

  1. Add a comma at the end of the following line (line 475) as it is no longer the final statement in the fields section.

This workaround is also detailed in BUG-000126617.

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