Missing tabs from the Layer Properties pages for a MOLE graphic layer


This issue has been fixed with ArcGIS 9.1 Service Pack 2.

Windows power users and restricted users using MOLE 9.1 may experience missing tabs from the Layer Properties pages for a MOLE graphic layer. The Add Graphics Command is also functioning improperly.


When MOLE 9.1 is installed by the administrative user, registry keys are not being properly registered for all non-administrative users. This results in missing components, such as the Layer Properties tabs for a MOLE graphic layer.


Uninstall MOLE, and reinstall it by starting the installation wizard manually. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Uninstall MOLE 9.1 by running the Setup.msi. Select the 'Remove' option in the maintenance dialog box and click Next > Next.
  2. Start the install wizard. Navigate to Start > Run and paste in the following command:

    MSIEXEC.exe /I <path to setup program>\<name of setup program> ALLUSERS=1

    The path to setup the program is the file path to setup.exe if a major release of MOLE is being installed or the path to an .msp file if a MOLE service pack is being installed.

    The name of the setup program is the name of the MOLE installation file (setup.exe for major releases; .msp file for a service pack).

    For example, when installing MOLE 9.1 Service Pack 2 on Windows, and the service pack is saved in C:\Temp, the syntax would be:

    MSIEXEC.exe /I C:\temp\setup.msi ALLUSERS=1

  3. The MOLE installer will launch. Follow standard MOLE installation steps.

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