In some cases image quality of an ArcMap Service GET_IMAGE result is poor


** This issue has been resolved in ArcGIS 9.0. **

The GET_IMAGE result for an ArcMap Service may be of poor quality. The image may seem pixilated and grainy. This may be noticible when there are raster layers within the map being served.


The hard-coded output raster resampling ratio used by ArcMap Server was not set to 'best'. This setting controls the downsampling of raster layers in the map. When set to a value less than 5, or 'best', raster layers in the map are downsampled to a courser resolution at time of output. This setting affects both raster and vector export formats.

The raster resampling ratio is hard-coded within the ArcMap Server code. It cannot be changed by users.


No workaround is available.

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