I get an Underlying DBMS Error when zooming in on joined database themes

Last Published: April 25, 2020


This problem is resolved with Database Access 2.1f (ArcSDE 9.0 release.)Internal publish only!
This article may contain sensitive material that is not intended for external circulation.Joined database themes error when zooming in or out if the SDE database is Oracle, Informix or DB2 and the joined table is registered with the geodatabase.


Database Access sends a query to the database that doesn't fully qualify the objectid column. Since both tables in the join have an objectid column, the error appears.


This problem is resolved with Database Access 2.1f (ArcSDE 9.0 release.)

This is a known limitation of Database Access 2.1d and data registered with a geodatabase.

  1. Remove the table or other joined data sets from the current view.
  2. Unregisterd the join table or feature class with the geodatabase.
  3. Re-join the data.

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