Broken data source link when opening a 10.0 MXD map that has a query layer saved in 10.1 beta 2

Last Published: April 25, 2020


A broken data source link may be encountered when opening a 10.0 MXD map that has a query layer saved in 10.1 beta 2.


ArcMap 10.1 beta 2 saves the query layer data source/connection information incorrectly.

Here is the workflow to reproduce the problem:

1. Create a feature class in an ArcSDE 9.3/Oracle 11g R2 database using SDO_Geometry keyword.

2. Open ArcMap 10.1 beta 2, add the SDO layer as a query layer.

3. Save the MXD as a copy, using the 10.0 MXD document format.

4. Open the MXD from any ArcMap 10 client that uses the same Oracle client (11g R2). The query layer shows a broken data source link. Double-check the layer properties, and an invalid feature class name can be seen in the data source, similar to the following example:

Data Type: Query Feature Class
Feature Class: TEST.%SDE_931
DBCLIENT: oracle11g
SERVERINSTANCE: sde:oracle11g:orcl
USER: test


This is a bug in 10.1 beta 2, no workaround is available at this time.

    Article ID:000011461

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