BUG-000146199 Post-installation instructions to utilize this fix

Last Published: March 10, 2022


Instructions provided describe the post-installation instructions to utilize the fix for BUG-000146199.


  1. After installing the ArcGIS Data Store Log4j Patch for 10.8.1 on the primary relational data store machine, navigate to the ArcGIS Data Store <installation directory>/framework/etc folder.
    For example, the default location is:
C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\DataStore\framework\etc
  1. Open the datastore.properties file in a text editor and edit the file to add the start_timeout entry as shown below.  Set the start_timeout entry to a large value (in seconds), sufficient to allow enough time for a large standby relational data store to configure.  In the below example, the time value is set to 60000 seconds for a data store with tens of thousands of tables. This value can be set to a value larger than what is needed to configure.
start_timeout=<time in seconds>


  1. Add the disable_health_checker_during_maintenance=true entry to the datastore.properties file. The health checker is not needed during the data store maintenance hour and is not recommended during this time period on large relational data stores.


  1. Add the vacuum_during_maintenance=false entry to the datastore.properties file. The vacuum process can be invasive and requires locks; therefore, it is not recommended on large relational data stores.  Instead, autovacuum will be used.

After the above entries are made in the datastore.properties file it will resemble the below example:

#relational data store startup timeout(in seconds).

# Disable health checking during data store maintenance

# Perform manual vacuum during data store maintenance
  1. Save and close the datastore.properties file.
  2. Restart the Data Store service
  3. Repeat steps 1 through 6 on the standby machine.

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