BUFFER returns Workspace is full (NEXTBV) for lines with round flat options

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Running the ArcInfo BUFFER command against a single precision line coverage returned the following error:

"Arc: buffer stream streambuf # # 200 # line round left
Buffering ...
Workspace is full (NEXTBV).
Bailing out of BUFFER"


The STREAM coverage fuzzy tolerance was 13.9 units. The minimum resolution for the single precision coverage is 0.17676675. The difference between the fuzzy tolerance and buffer distance was not sufficient to allow the polygon topology for the output coverage to be resolved.

Solution or Workaround

Work with a double precision coverage and a fuzzy tolerance that is very small relative to the buffer distance.

1. Use the ARC COPY command to copy the streams cover to a double precision coverage and CLEAN the coverage for with the line option using a fuzzy tolerance of .005.

2. Run the BUFFER command against the cleaned double precision coverage.

For example:

Arc: precision double double
Arc: copy stream streamdp
Arc: clean streamdp # # .005 line
Arc: buffer streamdp steamdpbuf # # 200 .005 line round left
Buffering ...
Assembling polygons...
Creating new labels...
Finding inside polygons...
Building nodes...
Creating strdpclbuf.PAT...

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