Authorize the Data Delivery Extension, or DDE, if installed on a machine without ArcIMS

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The Data Delivery Extension or DDE can be installed on a machine other then the ArcIMS machine. But if the DDE was installed on a machine other then where ArcIMS is installed, the Authorization Wizard incorporated in the ArcIMS Post Installation will not be available to register and authorize it. This article includes the procedure authorize DDE for use.


  1. Create the following directory structure on the machine where DDE is installed:

    C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\sysgen\

  2. Start a web browser and navigate to to register the Data Delivery Extension. You will receive a file with the .ECP extension per email.
  3. Copy the .ECP file to the /sysgen folder created in Step 1 and rename it to 'keycodes' (with no extension).

    If the ArcGIS Server of ArcSDE is installed, you may already have a keycodes file. Instead of overwriting the existing file, open it with Notepad and paste the text from the new .ECP file into it and save it to update the file for DDE.

  4. Start DDE from the Start menu shortcut.
    The console should stop scrolling after about 30 seconds. If there are no errors shown in the console, DDE is authorized successfully.

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