Authorize ArcGIS License Manager 10 offline (by way of email or file upload)

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to authorize the ArcGIS License Manager without a direct internet connection through the use of authorize.txt files that can be uploaded to Customer Service Secure Site Upload.


The ArcGIS 10.0 License Manager must be authorized before it can serve licenses to ArcGIS 10 Desktop systems.

A dual-roundtrip authorization process is only noticeable when using the offline authorization process with an unpatched ArcGIS 10 License Manager. A fix is provided to make this a one-step process. Please install ArcGIS License Manager 10 Service Pack 2 before going through the email/upload offline authorization process.

• The first authorization process configures the 'Trusted Storage'. This is typically found under C:\Documents and Settings | Users\All Users\Application Data\FlexNet.

• The second authorization process deploys the licenses into the Trusted Storage. This process is combined with the first step with ArcGIS License Manager 10 Service Pack 2 installed.

The authorization process described below assumes a fresh installation of the ArcGIS License Manager with no currently deployed licenses and nothing in Trusted Storage.

Reset the ArcGIS License Manager to its original installation state.

1. Deauthorize existing licenses by going to ArcGIS License Server Administrator 10.0 > Authorization, and clicking Deauthorize.

2. Stop the ArcGIS License Manager by going to ArcGIS License Server Administrator 10.0 > Start/Stop License Service, and clicking Stop Server.

3. Delete the Trusted Storage, which is typically found under C:\Documents and Settings | Users\All Users\Application Data\FlexNet.

Configure the Trusted Storage

1. Launch the Software Authorization Wizard from the ArcGIS License Server Administrator by going to Start > Programs > ArcGIS > License Manager > License Server Administrator. In the Authorization section, select Authorize Now.

2. Within the Software Authorization Wizard, select the appropriate Authorization Option and Product to be Authorized.

3. Select 'I need to authorize licenses on my license server' or 'I have received an authorization file from Esri and am now ready to finish the authorization process' if an authorization file is available (*.PRVS, *.RESPS).

License numbers and Provisioning Files are available through the
Esri Customer Care Portal.

4. Select 'Authorize at Esri's website or by email to receive your authorization file.'

5. Complete the following dialog boxes as prompted with the Authorization Information, the Software Authorization Numbers, and the number of licenses requested.

6. On the Email Authorization dialog box, click 'Save...' and save the created 'authorize.txt' file to the system.

7. Move the created 'authorize.txt' to any system with an internet connection.

8. Upload the 'authorize.txt' file to the Customer Service Secure Site Upload. Alternatively, email the 'authorize.txt' file to

After completing Step 8, a *.RESPS file will be issued. This file can be used to initialize the Trusted Storage; it does not actually deploy any licenses into the ArcGIS License Manager.

9. Move the *.RESPS file back to the ArcGIS License Manager system and double-click the file.

10. In the Software Authorization Wizard, click Next to pre-select and complete all the forms.

At the end of this authorization process, a screen appears that states:

"Your computer's licensing mechanism has been configured. Click Next to resubmit your authorization request."

This indicates that the process needs to be run a second time to authorize the License Manager.

11. Click Next to re-start the Software Authorization Wizard.

Subsequent attempts to re-license the 'authorize.txt' file provided throw an error. If this message displays, the Trusted Storage is likely already initialized, and the 'authorize.txt' file being used should be discarded and re-created.

Deploy the licenses into the Trusted Storage

For unpatched ArcGIS 10 License Manager only - it is strongly recommended to install Service Pack 2 and start over with the steps in this article and skip this section:
Repeat steps 1 - 8 to deploy the licenses into the ArcGIS License Manager.

While it may appear that it is creating/providing the same file, the second authorize.txt and authorize.resps files are in fact different than the files previously created.

Restart the ArcGIS License Manager

1. As an administrator, navigate to Start/Stop License Service.
2. Click Start to restart the ArcGIS License Manager and begin serving licenses to ArcGIS Desktop clients.

If an error is returned at this step, the most likely cause is that the *.RESPS file provided is either the previous initialization *.RESPS file or the *.RESPS file has been previously used against this License Manager system and cannot be re-applied.

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